Opening a Cafeteria Business in Dubai: Insights by Lone Wolf Real Estate, Premier Dubai Brokers.

Opening a Cafe in Dubai: Government Approvals and Essential Steps. Insights Presented by Lone Wolf Real Estate, Dubai's Premier Brokers for Your Property Needs.

4/1/20232 min read

interior of a coffee shop
interior of a coffee shop

Dubai: A Hub for Foodstuff Import and Export with Streamlined Approvals

Dubai stands tall as a global powerhouse in the import and export of foodstuff, offering unparalleled opportunities for investors. The Food Control Department Dubai, recognizing the importance of a modern assessment framework, continually strives to meet the expectations of these investors.

Opening a food business in Dubai requires obtaining approvals from various authorities, including Dubai Municipality, Food Control Department Dubai, Dubai Civil Defence, Trakhees, TCOM, SAFFA, and the master developer, among others. Additionally, careful analysis of the desired area or shop is essential. Here, Lone Wolf Real Estate steps in, offering seamless services and comprehensive guidance, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Do You Need Approvals for a Restaurant or Cafeteria Business in Dubai?

To establish a commercial restaurant, café, or cafeteria in Dubai, obtaining approval from the Dubai Food Control Department is crucial. However, for investors seeking a streamlined approval process, Lone Wolf Real Estate is the answer. With our team of approved engineering companies, we can prepare the business layout and facilitate the approval from the Food Control Department Dubai, enabling investors to open their businesses at suitable locations. As always, Lone Wolf Real Estate remains committed to providing comprehensive services to investors in Dubai.

Key Requirements for Restaurant or Cafeteria Approvals:

1. Ease of Cleaning: Ensuring that both the floor and ceiling of the cafeteria can be easily cleaned.

2. Wall Standards: Light-colored, fire-proof, and non-toxic materials must be used, meeting Dubai's stringent standards.

3. Proper Drainage and Ventilation: Adequate drainage systems and ventilation must be in place to ensure guest comfort and safety.

4. Pest Control: A signed pest control contract with a reputable company is essential, adhering to Dubai's standards.

5. Concealed Connections: Underground drainage and water connections, keeping them discreet and out of sight from guests.

6. Smoke Control: Proper measures must be taken to prevent restaurant smoke from entering adjacent buildings, with the restaurant's height maintained at least 2 meters above the nearest building.

7. Impeccable Presentation: The restaurant or cafeteria should maintain a tidy appearance, ensuring tables are stain-free.

8. Storage Room: A separate storage area must be provided for storing cleaning chemicals.

Adhering to these guidelines is essential to obtain approvals for your restaurant or cafeteria. When it comes to finding the perfect location, Lone Wolf Real Estate is dedicated to providing the best service possible. Wishing you a successful and thriving business venture in Dubai!

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